Have you ever wondered what resilience really is, and where it comes from?

Have you ever wondered why some struggle and others thrive?

Have you ever looked back and wondered "how did I get through that?"

Would you like to be able to take for granted that you are resilient; that you already have everything you need to navigate any challenges life may put in your path?

We all have our challenges and blind spots - events or situations in our life that look like the cause of feelings of stress or 'less-than-resilient'.

When we resolve a simple misunderstanding about what resilience really is and where those feelings of stress are really coming from, we can experience the freedom of understanding that our resilience is constant and limitless, and something we can rely on.

If you're open to the possibility that you can have less struggle and more ease, grace and enjoyment in your life, join me on this 28-day audio series called 28 Days of Resilience, where we'll explore the truth about the nature of being human and the resilience that's innate to all of us.

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