The Power of the Paradigm

"It's been a huge win for me..."

"There's so much more stillness in my head than before... That's been a huge win for me. The peace is great. So much less ruminating. Vivienne is a great coach - I feel so energised after our work together."

K von Keisenberg, HR Manager

A game-changer in my work and my life in general...

“I’ve naturally dropped a whole lot of intellectualising and analysing, and gained a lot more headspace (and time) in its place. People comment on the way I remain calm or grounded when others are flying off the handle. As an HR leader and change professional, this understanding makes a huge difference to my effectiveness in my job and my ability to lead people through change. The simple and practical way that Vivienne shares it makes so much sense to me and has been a game-changer in my work and my life in general. If you get the chance to work with Vivienne, just do it.”

Megan Scott, HR Director and Independent Change Consultant

"It's liberated me personally and professionally"

I'm very grateful to the deeply calm and wonderful Vivienne for introducing me to this understanding. It has affected my life in profound ways in every aspect. Realising that 'our thoughts create our feelings, not a situation', has liberated me personally and professionally. Professionally, introducing this understanding to my whole company has opened up a remarkable space: for deeper listening to each other, the realisation that we all do have 'separate realities' - no one is right or wrong, we all experience the world differently because our thinking is different - so we don't get bogged down in proving a point, stressing, blaming or taking things personally. It's made an impact on our bottom line too, increasing results and revenue. The freedom, creativity and beautiful feeling this generates in our organisation is hard to describe, very moving and FUN.

S Lanham, Director, Incognito Artists www.incognitoartists.com

"After working together my life is so much happier."

Before working with Vivienne I was stuck in depressive and anxious thinking after the break up of a relationship and other changes in my life. I was finding life hard on a daily basis and couldn't see a way forward.

I wanted help to find peace of mind, re-gain hope in the future and find a sense of direction.

Working with Vivienne was always just a lovely experience. No matter what state of mind I was in when we started the sessions, I always ended feeling lighter, more hopeful and my problems just didn't feel as serious as before.

She always listened with compassion and warmth. She saw beyond my thinking to who I really was inside and pointed me back to that. We would often end up laughing too at some point - the best medicine!

After working together my life is so much happier. Most of all I am more confident. I feel more resilient and I am happy with my life. I am excited about the future and am making new plans.

When I have occasional down moments I no longer get so anxious or fearful but just see it for what is is, just thinking, I accept it as that and it passes through me so much quicker without hindering me like it did before.

I can highly recommend working with Vivienne to help you enjoy life and reach your full potential.

- Vanessa R, France

"I now feel sane again..."

My experience of working with Vivienne has been nothing short of a revelation. I have thoroughly enjoyed the learning process and the joy and new peace of mind it has given me is priceless.

When I started 'my education', I was in a very bad head space with a huge amount of thinking going on and I recently realised that all of that thinking has vanished.

What a transformation and all because of this understanding.

I now feel sane again; what better compliment to both the understanding and in particular to Vivienne, for all of her careful explanations, encouragement, and patience that she shared with me.

This is such a great understanding to have in your life and it is such a gift to be shared with others, but which has a huge impact on our lives. Particularly when we get our heads around the simplicity of it all.

Vivienne, thank you so much for transforming my life.

- C Marks, Independent Business Consultant, France