Business Change Services

Inside-out change services to suit your organisation

Does this sound like your business?

  • People enjoy their work
  • Engagement and productivity are high
  • Absenteeism and turnover levels are low
  • Stress levels are low and people show resilience
  • Innovation, optimism and creativity abound
  • Change seems normal and easy
  • Communication is open, honest and constructive, and received without defensiveness
  • People take responsibility for their own performance and development
  • People naturally live the company values without them being “mandated”
  • Performance improvement programmes and disciplinary processes are rarely used

If so, congratulations – feel free to contact us to make sure you know how things can continue that way.

If not, you may be interested in finding out how you too can have a team or a whole business that functions this way, and how you can help individual employees lift their performance or come through a rough patch.

Choose between individual coaching and tailored programmes (the following are examples; your programme will be tailored to your specific requirements):

Tailored Programs

The transformation-ready team
Set your team up for success now and for future changes. Whether you’re currently navigating a change or getting ready for transformations to come, this programme, tailored to your needs, will provide you with a rock-solid foundation for successful change.
Resilience Masterclass
Give your team the best grounding possible to ensure they thrive in the ever-changing world of business, with a bonus of overall increased levels of wellbeing. This is not your standard resilience programme, with tools and techniques to manage stress more effectively. This targets the real source of any stress and dissolves it, resulting in true freedom from stress and anxiety, and a foundation of resilience from which bouncing back from challenges is effortless.
Extraordinary HR
As the team that supports (and deals with the fallout from) all major organisational changes, it’s imperative that HR are well-equipped to support leaders, project teams and employees, while often undergoing change themselves. With reach across the whole organisation, a resilient HR team that truly understands change and how to help leaders, teams and individuals remain engaged and productive during times of change is an invaluable asset.
Leading high-performing teams
Understand the source of performance and of behaviours that can derail a team’s performance, for the ultimate leverage in leading your team to the top.

Individual Coaching (via web or in person by arrangement)

HR - Health of the helper
HR professionals deal with a lot of other people’s stress and distress, and are expected to treat people with empathy, find a solution and then move on to the next challenge. Learn how to really help your clients in the organisation and discover how you can achieve stellar outcomes on issues that may have once seemed like disasters waiting to happen.
Employee wellbeing & resilience coaching (Employee Assistance)
We help those experiencing stress and anxiety to understand the source of those feelings and by doing so, reduce or eliminate the experience of stress across the board. We help people who have been off on long-term stress leave to get back to work feeling whole and resilient.
Performance coaching
A performance dip needn’t be permanent, and needn’t lead to formal performance management. Coaching for managers and employees on what lies behind fluctuations in performance, reveals the potential in all of us to perform consistently at our best.
Stepping into Leadership
Getting the best out of people can seem like the hardest part of a leadership role, whether you're in the C-suite or you're new to managing teams. Do yourself a favour: take some time for yourself and start to understand what's really going on, and how best to help, when you have to deal with conflict, performance issues or lack of engagement. This is the key to truly transformational leadership.

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