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Webinars and Videos

Midnight Insights and other videos


A collection of videos on various topics


Trauma and Resilience with Monique Koven, Certified Trauma Recovery and Resilience Coach. In this conversation, I talk with Monique about true recovery from trauma and what enables it.


The Secret of Everything

in this online summit, I talk with Dr Anne Curtis about the concept forgiveness, and how it's not something we have to do - it's a natural result of understanding.


In this conversation with Christian McNeill from Three Principles Supermind, we talk about how our lives may not turn out how we thought, but that’s got nothing to do with the happiness, fulfillment or joy we get to experience in our life. You’ll hear us talk about divorce, single parenthood, childlessness, purpose and how circumstances don’t determine our experience.


28 Days of Resilience: All you need to know about your innate ability to bounce back


From Amazon UK reviews:

"I loved the simplicity of this... This allows you to absorb how much you truly have been overthinking EVERYTHING."

"I would rarely write a review but this is a book that needs to be read. This is a life-changing book that is accessible and immediately usable."

From Amazon Canada reviews:

"When, 30 years ago, before my physical and most dramatic mental collapse...
I kept asking: "Can someone show me how to relax and simply live without extra drama."
And, if we could talk about working with what already works from within every one of us...
I am, both grateful and inspired, that I can refer others to Vivienne Edgecombe’s openhearted contribution; to remembering we’re naturally designed to thrive..."

"I loved every single page of this amazing little book. So much comfort and wisdom there. It was great being reminded of what we really have going for us. "

Already Complete: Beyond the Myths of Childlessness



"We can live wonderful lives without children. We do not have to be sad for the rest of our lives. We do not have to feel incomplete. We do not have to feel like we are missing out on something.
...Vivienne explains all of this so much better in her book. For me, not having children can be a touchy subject, but this book shows why it no longer has to be. I know you will find it as helpful as I have."



A Little Peace of Mind with Nicola Bird (included in Champneys top 20 podcasts for relaxation). In this podcast, we talk about the misunderstanding that has us thinking we're not already complete, and that we need something or someone to complete us.


Stop Suffering About with Alexandra Amor

  • The imaginary futures we make up
  • How an insight about one area of life can affect all areas of our life
  • Getting into the hidden corners of our thoughts
  • The behaviors we exhibit when we’re caught up in insecure thinking
  • Why understanding the nature of thought is the ‘secret sauce’ when it comes to transformation
  • Unearthing the companion and kindness at our core once we are able to understand thought
  • The ripple effects out to families and beyond when we begin to grasp this understanding